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Diabesity...4.4 million Americans now on GLP-1 drugs

Good morning…

Back to the real world today in Manhattan. I am excited to see my daughter Rachel for dinner and a night at Comedy Cellar with her and friends.

The dumbest place to go to lose a few pounds before hitting the Pyrenees mountains is Muskoka where the outdoor air and activities make you starved for all food not tied down. It is also the best place to go to relax with friends.

I have escaped Muskoka gaining just a pound and will grind the rest of the week to get below my goal of 180 pounds.

Speaking of weight, weight loss and food, 4.4 million Americans now on GLP-1 drugs.

America is just eating itself into oblivion.

My ‘Trends With Friends’ co-host Phil who lives the clean food life with his family shared this picture with sums up the massive growth in GLP drugs from Novo and Eli Lilly.

Everyone is searching for growth in the cloud, crypto, ai and tech and all the organic growth just moved over to ‘Pharma’ stocks.

Novo (maker of Ozempic) has now passed LVMH as the largest company in Europe.

The world is acting like these are the perfect pill/drug.

I am skeptical of a miracle drug and it would be nice if we could deal with the problem at the sources like General Mills, but hey free speech, free stuff your face…


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