Dinner With Friends...A Night Off

Good evening…

I was going to take the day off but I am strapped into a plane flying from Las Vegas to Miami and it is so easy to write here using Beehiiv so why not.

I have ‘Panicked With Friends’ and talk ‘Trends With Friends’ but I never get enough of dinner with friends.

Last night I had a feast with some great friends Josh Brown, Michael Batnick and Joe Fahmy. We have been pals since I started Stocktwits back in 2008.

I set us up at Carbone - courtesy of my pal Marc founder of Dorsia (I am a personal investor and Las Vegas will be live on Dorsia soon) and pinged the guys knowing they would be in town for a conference.

I joked that the stats of the meal were:

Calories consumed 70,000

Three Tide Pens emptied

I wrecked white dress shirt (Michael ‘rookie Carbone mistake’ Batnick)

One bazillion laughs.

I write here often of the joy seeing my friends doing well and my friends Josh. Michael and Joe are doing well.

We spent hours eating, drinking and telling stories of our wins and losses in media, investing and building businesses.

Josh pitched me Snapchat (he thinks Snapchat plus is crushing), I pitched New York Times, Michael pitched Paypal and Joe pitched in on music, comedy and media references.

There is not a mean bone in any of their bodies which is also just fantastic.

It was a night of fun conversation …a night off.

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