Elon Visits Israel...Life matters

Good morning..

It seems like years ago that I last visited Tel Aviv. But it was just September. The photo above was September 20th.

That same day I enjoyed a cigar with my friend Omri Caspi. His partner David Citron dropped by to say hello but had to run off to a meeting.

A few weeks later on October 7th, Hamas broke a ceasefire, a massacre in Southern Israel took place and guests at my hotel were rushing to a bomb shelter. Life is very different and difficult for everyone in Israel.

Yesterday, I woke up to a link from my friend David Citron who has been gone 52 days on reserve duty.

I did not ask Omri and David how and why they got Elon to visit, but good on them.

Omri sent me this picture as well…

I am no fan of Elon, but I am a fan of Omri and David who I trust so I am happy they helped make it happen. Elon is not stupid and Elon has children and Elon according to many people I trust is not anti-semitic and Elon can recognize a democracy and capitalism and prosperity and humanity.

I imagine if the leaders of Hamas invited him to tour Gaza and see the tunnels they built he would have gone. That would be difficult because they live in Qatar. I don’t think it is Israel’s job to drive him around Gaza.

Does anything change in Gaza?


Innocent Palestinians/Gazans are suffering.

Hamas could care less about Elon or the people they are supposed to be governing and help prosper.

Hamas continues to get what they want…chaos, dead jews, hate and now a ceasefire.

Israel moves forward despite being called to fight and defend its borders…even for a government and leader most of them are fed up with. They will deal with that in short order.

Israeli’s lives are in turmoil and the economy is suffering.

But, they move forward because life matters.

Elon recognizes that too.

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