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The Era of The Bullshit Geniuses... And 'To Do' Bankruptcy

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Gooood morning…

I am not sure my ‘to do’ list has ever been further behind or longer.

I have declared ‘email bankruptcy' many times, but never ‘to do’ bankruptcy. I don’t think you can declare ‘to do’ bankruptcy.

Hit me up with any tricks to battle the ‘to do’ doldrums.


I am having dinner later with Tyler Denk the founder of Beehiiv (the newsletter platform built for growth). We are seed investors and I use Beehiiv for this newsletter. Beehiiv is growing very very fast.

In the midst of running the fast growing business, Tyler also started his own newsletter. It is GREAT. You can subscribe here.

In his latest, he shares the full backstory on starting Beehiiv after working at Morning Brew.

He also shared some great links. I really enjoyed ‘A Bullshit Genius - On Walter Issacson’s Biographical Project

This riff to end it is great…

I don’t consider myself a hater, but my strong opinions loosely held opens me up to that label.

I consider myself a cynic, not a contrarian. So reading ‘bullshit geniuses’ like Walter and Musk and pretty much every politician we have right now made me smile and not feel alone.

Off to clean up some ‘to do’s’.

Have a great day.


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