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  • How To Evaluate Bitcoin Hitting ATHs, Red Flags In The Market, And Should You Be Buying Silver

How To Evaluate Bitcoin Hitting ATHs, Red Flags In The Market, And Should You Be Buying Silver

Trends with Friends EP. 54

Today we discuss the excitement of Bitcoin reaching new heights and explore the factors propelling its growth. We cover:

  • Bitcoin reaching an all-time high and the potential factors driving its growth

  • The demand side of Bitcoin, including the involvement of institutional investors and the impact of ETFs

  • Bitcoin as an on-ramp to the degenerate economy

  • The potential risks and opportunities in the crypto market

  • The bond market, inflation, and oil prices

  • The future of currencies

  • The relationship between Bitcoin and gold

  • The importance of silver outperforming gold

  • Concerns in the market

  • The malevolent seven stocks

  • Michael Saylor's All-In Strategy

  • The importance of optimism, mindfulness, health, and the value of family and community

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In This Episode, We Cover:

(00:00) Welcome 

(01:37) We’re Giving Away a Free MacBook

(02:03) Bitcoin at ATH

(04:17) The Resilience of Bitcoin and the Potential Upside

(07:00) The Demand Side

(08:04) The Degenerate Economy and the Future of Crypto

(12:33) The Bond Market, Inflation, and Oil Prices

(15:19) Speculation and FOMO

(20:07) The Long-Term Chart of Bitcoin and the Demand-Supply Dynamics

(24:48) The Role of Gold and the Future of Currencies

(28:25) Cheat Code: Silver Outperforming Gold

(31:27) The Malevolent Seven

(33:00) Market Breadth

(33:58) The Magnificent Seven ETF

(34:46) The Art and Math of Investing

(38:14) Michael Saylor's All-In Strategy

(42:40) Staying Optimistic

(48:50) Finding Trends and Riding Them

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