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Everything Looks Different From CEO Seat...

Good morning…

The CEO seat at Stocktwits has changed a lot about how I work and see things.

My email is borked…I will have to claim email bankruptcy for the first time in years.

My calendar is a disaster.

My workflow is in flux.

It will take time to realign it all I know.

I am loving almost all of It.

My favorite part is the strategy. I have always been confident and decisive when it comes to strategy.

As an investor only, I was not involved in strategy much, especially after a Series A.

Another big difference as I take on two roles…I am definitely talking to more founders and CEO’s as I learn what products will help speed up engineering teams, make product builds easier, communicate better etc…

I use Twitter less (it’s been months now without the mobile app), Linkedin way more and still have not caved to being on Slack. Slack made me miserable last go around.

I can’t wait to deploy the features, product/design upgrades and plumbing of the strategy I have been working on with the team. The build and deploy stuff can never happen fast enough.

Have a great day.

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