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Evil On Trial...The Nazi's Hamas and One Day Qatar Too

I woke up this morning to this amazing news..a miracle really…

More details here…

The QatarHamas/Al-Jazeera propaganda began immediately of course.

The reason Israel will not bend or stop the war that Hamas/Palestine started -until Hamas and their supporters are destroyed - are the endless lies right there in our faces every moment from Al-Jazeera and Hamas sympathizers.

On the flight home from Toronto this week I started to watch the Netflix documentary ‘Evil On Trial’…

Last night, Ellen and I watched the final two episodes. Of course… heartbreaking. I thought I knew a lot about the war, the rise of Hitler and the Nuremberg trials, but I learned much more.

I am so glad Netflix made this documentary.

EVERY American, especially the TikTok/Instagram generation should be required to watch this series.

It is a reminder of way too much we see today.

Of course too many Americans will not watch this and the Hamas/Qatar/UN lies and propaganda will continue to stream endlessly.

In the meantime, a small bittersweet victory for Israel and Jewish people.

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