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FinChat - The AI Assistant For Investors...A New Social Leverage Investment

Good morning everyone…

Our fund Social Leverage is excited to announce a $1.5M seed investment in FinChat, a Toronto-based generative AI startup that has reimagined the investment research and analytics landscape.

My partner Matt Ober is will be joining the board on behalf of Social Leverage. He wrote this:

I tried to build something like this 5+ years ago when I was working at Third Point, but the technology, LLM’s, was not available at scale and we never came close, but the demand was clear. All analysts wanted an easier way to do their day job and reduce the endless hours they spent doing research, building powerpoints, modeling, etc. The roadmap that Braden and his team have put together will continue to make Finchat.io better and better. They recently merged all the functionality from their other product, Stratosphere.io, so you have full charting, filings, ownership, modeling & more.

For those of you wondering, Yes, they have an API for Finchat. Reach out to the team for more details. Integrate Finchat into your brokerage, website, financial application, or internally at your asset management firm. Leverage the Segments & KPI data! We at Social Leverage have been looking at a lot of companies building AI for finance and we are excited to invest in the Finchat team.

You can read his full post here.

Betakit also covered the latest fundraise which you can read here.

Here is a tweet from a couple days ago showing how I use the product:

In addition to the AI chat, FinChat also has built their own unique dataset around business segments and KPIs which can all be used under the same roof with their Stratosphere.io integration (this was the company’s first product).

Segment and KPIs are particularly interesting to fundamental investors while analyzing a business. Where one previously had to sift through hundreds of pages of SEC.gov filings to get a detailed segment breakdown, they can now simply login to FinChat. Finchat.io is already the best way to search individual stock datasets.

Here you can see a detailed breakdown of all revenue segments with $GOOG.

Finally, If I am right, yes that is rare, Finchat will usher in a new era for fundamental research and the discovery of analysts. While I may suck at pulling the right data because of poor ‘prompt’ skills, I would love to follow the people with the best skills. The mobile, social world already exists for the best ‘prompters’ to rise to the top. The more people use Finchat, the better the AI search will get at serving you what you need. As Finchat integrates with unique data sets, the signal will expand exponentially and unique alpha will continue to emerge.

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