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FinChat Magic...Everyone Can Do Fundamental Analysis On Stocks

Want fast and accurate answers to your investing questions? 

FinChat has what you’re looking for. 

Between its institutional-grade research terminal and conversational AI assistant, investors can get all the answers and data they need. Best of all, FinChat’s database tracks more than the traditional financial statements and includes company-specific metrics on more than 1,300 stocks.

Social Leverage is an investor (Fund IV)

Good morning everyone…

This morning I am talking about the magic of Finchat.io. Our Social Leverage fund four invested in the company.

I am going to use $AXON (Taser) as an example (I own the stock it is a local Phoenix Company)

I've been long for many years on my belief that the catalyst was their private cloud biz which with Finchat's unique KPI's data I can now breakdown the company’s different revenue lines to see for myself if this is happening (for FREE).

With FinChat’s unique Segment & KPI dataset, it is easily digestible to see why it has doubled since December of 21’.

Where analysts previously had to sift through endless 10-K’s to quickly get segmented revenue and company KPI’s, FinChat has done the heavy lifting to put this right at the tips of any analysts fingers.

After typing in any ticker you can scroll down and select ‘Segments & KPIs’.

To get a better visual representation, you can then select the line items or segments you would like to chart by simply clicking on them. For $AXON there are TWO revenue lines - Taser revenue and Software and Sensors revenue. (For Apple there would be many more). You’ll then end up with a chart like this:

I can now see these breakdowns, chart them and share with others in just a few clicks. There are thousands of free places on the web to do technical analysis...but Finchat explodes the opportunity for ANYONE to be the next great fundamental public analyst.

I believe a whole new generation of analysts will be created and discovered and able to create alpha. As Youtube was for content creators, products like Finchat.io will be for alpha creators (analysts).

In December of 21’ you can see that revenue was near an even 50/50 split between hardware (Tasers) and software. Every year since, software has consistently grown as a percentage of revenue.

As you can imagine, market participants like this as software is typically higher margin and easier to scale than hardware.

Hence the 26% CAGR over the last 3 years vs the S&P ~8%.

$AXON is a software and sensor business, not a hardware company though that is a great biz as well and under appreciated.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to FinChat and its capabilities with many more on the way.

Give it a try for yourself here


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