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Who Do I follow on Stocktwits and How to Get Started?

I think every investor and trader can use Stocktwits daily and benefit.

Even if the idea of a stock market social network makes no sense to you, the Daily Rip email (free) is worth reading. It comes eveyr day at 7-30 pm eastern and quickly gives you a pulse of the day and a few ideas.

At the most basic level everyone should have a watchlist. I keep it under 50 stocks which I believe gives me a great feel for the markets. If you go to the website and check my Stocktwits profile you can see which stocks I follow.

The number one question I get asked by friends and Stocktwits users is WHO do I follow?

Here is how I use Stocktwits…

First off, I use Stocktwits web much differently than Stocktwits mobile. Overall, I follow thousands of people because I like to get a feel for the markets and I believe Stocktwits provides a great read of ‘sentiment’. Over the years I have my way of reading the pulse of the markets through my very busy feed.

But, I keep a very curated mobile notification list of people/sources whose messages show on my mobile devices. The list is made up of longtime Stocktwits contributors with a wide range of styles. The contribution pace of the people on the list varies from once a week to once an hour.

My goal is a mobile Stocktwits feed that keeps me up on major market moving news, great links across a wide range of industry and market topics and of course ideas from people with different styles that keep opinion at bay. I am focused on keeping a stream of mobile notifications that keep me updated on my portfolio and watchlist as well as a steady stream of ideas and market updates from people I trust.

In no particular order:

ME of course… @howardlindzon

Ok you get the drill on how to do this so here is the rest of my mobile notification list:


I hope this is a good starting point for most. I will keep updating quarterly.

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