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Forget Oil prices – Check out Pizza

NYPD makes a pretty good pizza. Let me start by saying that. But $34 freaking dollars for two large pizzas. TO GO!

I am not a penny pincher or one to look at my food bills, but this is inflation and this is not talked about.

In oil talk, it is the equivalent to talking seriously about invading the cheeseheads of Wisconsin. How about bombing a Ragu plant in Italy. These are our tactics to bring down the price of oil, which has not shown price increases like those in a slice of pizza – an American food staple.

I gladly will pay $34 to fill up my Element, but for a couple of take out pizzas?

Pricing is set as if someone has cornered the cheese and sauce market.

I will enforce a household rule that we will not pay more than $9.99 for a takeout pizza.

Things are getting a little out of hand down here in sunny Phoenix. I smell the inflation and today it came in a pizza box. Tomorrow, maybe a milkshake or Grilled Cheese.

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