My Friends are BUSY!

I love seeing what all my web 2.0 friends are doing.

First off, Ben, the viral video maven from BarelyPolitical , just launched the “Giuliani/ObamaGirl video. It’s already everywhere. He is making me look lazy and I love it. The PR he has received is outstanding. The video is another classic. I mean…pillow fight :) . Huffington Post has them on the front page.

Here is the YouTube version for you lazy people:

Next up is my friend Greg Galant who has launched News Groper . Think Fake Steve Jobs for everything else – in one place. I love this idea. Spend some time there and let him know what you think and which characters need spoofing. Obviously a FAKE Jim Cramer is in order and I nominate FLY to pen it.

Finally, my friend Dave Mabe has the perfect diary for traders and he explains it nicely here . Try it out.

Disclosure – I have a small personal stake in BarelyPolitical and have also been an advisor.

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