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Now that I am officially blogging, I can’t wait to connect to all the great writers and thinkers that have inspired me through the years. It is simply amazing where you end up after a solid hour of surfing. Not enough time in the day.

Today, after 6 months of hard work, my partner John and I have helped contribute to the world of the internet once again with the completion of a capital raise for Cypress Golf.

I can’t wait to roll up my sleeves on the next 2 years of hard work as we build the best Golf Portal in the world. Alreasy we are (according to us) the largest on-line tee time company. So many people to thank and over time I will share all their names and contributions.

No putz’s here. Actually, it’s nice to look around a group of people and see you are the biggest putz in the room, which I am in this case. Bodes well for the success of the Company as they don’t need me.

I wll post the background on the business here and if you have ideas or want to get involved and by some small miraclle are reading this, feel free to get involved.

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