Gas is Cheap – it can't last?

I was just filling up my Honda Element. I paid about $28 bucks. It was seriuosly empty. I drive for 6-7 days on that. I live in a city where I am driving all the time.

Price per gallon – $2.11

That is cheap. How do we do this? There is no better deal on the planet for anything than filling up your car – next to sending an e-mail message on a blackberry or blogging and surfing on Cable interenet?

It is magic, yet we complain. How, at $58/barrel do we get $2.11 gas is mind boggling. There is a disconnect. Either we are on the verge of a major oil find in a friendly country (is there one left?) or gasoline is way underpriced. I imagine, gas prices are going way way way, did I mention way higher!

The media and movie moguls make you think the Middle East is partying with their 1 cent per gallon oil for their countrymen. Newsflash – they have no where to drive too on a full tank of gas so who cares!

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