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Google and AI - The Empire Strikes Back

The Empire Strikes Back - Created with Midjourney AI

Good morning…

I have been playing around with Midjourney AI to create unique images for the top of each blog post of mine. I will get better at using the ‘prompt’…at least I hope so.

I am in Miami for the week working. I love visiting Miami. My partner Gary and I had a fun dinner with some LP’s and founders last night and tonight I am having dinner with my sister and nephew who are a little upstate.

My friends at Van Eck have a conference here this week which I will be speaking at with CEO Jan Van Eck and I look forward to that conversation with him about the markets.


Last week, Google struck back at Open AI and ChatGPT with their own wake up call.

If you do not think this has all been life or death for Google, check the stock price/market cap since they launched…up $150 billion.

The empire has struck back!

The consumer wins in this war until of course we all die from it.

Nothing is free 🙂 !


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