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  • Google and Apple’s Potential Partnership, Inflation’s Impact On The Market and The Future of TikTok

Google and Apple’s Potential Partnership, Inflation’s Impact On The Market and The Future of TikTok

Trends with Friends EP. 56

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Happy Spring. Phil says it’s time to get the f*** outside! Today we cover:

  • Google and Apple’s potential AI partnership

  • How Meme coins have become a cultural phenomenon in the crypto market

  • A technical  analysis of Bitcoin

  • The transparency of crypto markets

  • The compression of time and the availability of new tools and platforms

  • The impact of inflation on the bond market

  • The lack of upside in the equities market 

  • Trade ideas for Reliance Industries and Solana

  • TikTok and its impact 

Skip Ahead:

00:00 Introduction and Swag Talk
02:50 Mike Tyson’s Comeback Fight
04:26 Google Gemini May Partner With Apple  
08:36 Howard Lost A Tooth
09:34 The Acceleration of AI
13:05 The Longevity of Nvidia
18:10 The Multi-Trillion Dollar Crypto Market and the Movement of Money
21:14 Solana and The Meme Coin Phenomenon
25:18 Crypto Markets
27:28 Dogwifhat and The Benefit of Public Blockchains 
30:30 The Compression of Time 
33:10 Changing The Rules
35:17 Risk and Risk Management
37:28 Inflation and the Bond Market
39:20 Interest Rates and Commodity Prices
41:12  Exposure to CRB
42:15 Best Performing Sectors
43:37 No Evidence That Interest Rates Are Going Down
45:17 Lack of Upside in Equities Market
46:20 Trade Idea: Reliance Industries
47:34 Trade Idea: Selling Solana
51:25 CoStar Group and The Real Estate Market
55:00 Price And Popularity
1:00:18 Post-AI Data
1:01:20 TikTok and its Impact
1:05:11 The Three Asset Classes (Maybe Four) 
1:07:20 It’s Spring Get The Fuck Outside

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