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Google Earnings ...Search, YouTube and The Cloud...AI Will Make Them Better

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Good morning…

Now that Google earnings have passed by yet again, I wanted to take a look at all the drama and decide if anything has changed. I own The Google.

Google has been volatile the last few years as investors, analysts and media worry about ‘search’. The company is regularly called ‘woke’ and ‘aimless’.

The tweet below highlights the volatility…

Koyfin’s tweet gives you some longer, historical context…

All that matters to me though are the numbers and overall direction which seem fine - especially since advertising sales in 2023 were brutal. Relatively, Google crushed.

While Sundar will never get the praise of Satya (Microsoft), he seems on the case and I will stick with Google…

AI in the hands of Google is the AI I care about as a consumer. Search, YouTube and the cloud are the future for Google and search disruption hype still seems overblown to me.

Have a great day.


This Tim Cook cover photo made me laugh.

I think the Vision Pro is perfect for the back of an Uber or an airplane and Tim chose a setting that seems really forced as I won’t be using mine at my desk.

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