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Google's DeepMind Is Really Amazing

Good morning…

It is easy to get lost in all the AI hype.

It’s all day, everyday AI in my world. Everyone is writing about, pitching and investing in it.

They were not in 2014.

Way back in 2014, Google acquired Deepmind (still a little known research company) for $600 million.

In hindsight…how the hell could they have known?

It is one of the main reasons I own Google and buy the dips... I assume that they know!

It is exciting to know that while most of the world was chasing apps and growth in China, Deepmind and AI was making magic happen with machines, pattern recognition and data.

While I have no skills or interest in biotech, medicine or drug discovery, I am excited that because of companies like Deepmind drug discovery, clinical trials, and ultimately regulatory approvals will happen years faster than the past. Jeff says that safety and efficacy will as well.

Have a read of Jeff’s piece. He does a great job of making the complicated topic easy to understand.

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