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Grass League - High-Stakes Amateur Par-3 Golf League Threatens to Further Shake Up Sport

Social Leverage Is The Seed Investor In The League and Course

Before I get started on today’s post about The Grass League…you might enjoy the definitive piece on all that went into creating this amazing company from Corey at John Wall Street.


It is a very exciting week for the team at Grass Clippings as 108 great amateur players (male and female) come to Phoenix to try and win the $40,000 first prize ($100,000 purse).

The Grass League is up and running and there are ten team owners (Social Leverage is the first team owner as well as investor in the league and golf course/facility) that have paid $160,000 to own a team in a new league. Eventually there will be 54 teams and 54 qualifier spots for tournaments.

The Social Leverage team has chosen to represent Canada since Tom and I are both born in Canada and we went with a hockey theme for our team - The Hat Tricks. You can see our eight players here that have an average handicap of +4.

Jimmy (one of the founders) shows off our logo and team colors here…

One of the other team owners is Kass and Mike Lazerow. They started Golf.com back in the day which was acquired by NBC. They love golf and they too believe golf’s future lies with the amateurs and new formats of golf. Mike shared his thoughts here.

My son Max loves everything about the idea of Grass Clippings and what it means for amateur golf. Max is playing for team Stocktwits - he worked at Stocktwits in community for a year during covid. Stocktwits paid for a team to try and qualify for the tournament so we will be out cheering for him Wednesday at 5 pm when he tees off. I love this picture…

If you are in Phoenix this week, hit me up and come to the course to cheer on the players. Tickets are here.

Have a great day.

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