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Happy 4th of July ...Coronado Is Booked!

I am bringing back Stocktoberfest. Come to Coronado, San Diego October 20-22

An intimate event for executives, influencers, and the most active investors in financial markets. Secure your tickets here.

An early happy 4th of July.

Coronado is a special place all year, but on the 4th of July particularly great. Of course traffic on the island tomorrow probably increases 10-20x so it is the only day I complain about Coronado!

In Coronado, I live next to the Navy base and the Navy Seals as well. As I cross the bridge each day I see the Naval ships and can’t help but appreciate all the freedom our family has in America.

Coronado is a very safe place. I think safety is one of the best freedoms I enjoy and wish that for all others. When I pay my taxes each year this safety is my ‘serenity now’ blanket reminding me that no matter how poorly the government spends my taxes, I am getting a great deal.

When I mistakingly read news or go on Twitter to hear from Elon or ‘wannabe Himmlers’ I wonder why Coronado does not have 10 million people trying to make it home.

All that said,… in case this post gives you the idea that Coronado is right for you…as ‘The Maestro’ says…there is no homes to rent on Coronado! Booked solid!


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