Happy Anniversary Ellen

Good morning if you are me!

Today is our 29th wedding anniversary.

Both Ellen and I thought our 28th anniversary was yesterday and it was Rachel and Max telling us all day that we were wrong.

Ellen found the wedding photos and the kids were right.

What was Ellen thinking!!??

Back in 1995, Ellen was a bankruptcy lawyer and I was working with my pal Mark Scatterday on a hit consumer product he had created called The Gripp.

There was no internet or Instagram or iPhone or AI so yes that sweet thick black hair was mine.

Time has not been as kind to me as Ellen.

I am proud of our 29 years if only for the daily family group chat Rachel, Max Ellen and I all now use and have fun with.

Ellen is a great wife, mother, partner and person. I picked well and she stuck with me and all the nonsense.

I love you Ellen.

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