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Harvard Is Qatar...Penn and MIT Too

Good morning…

Here is a quick review of yesterday’s Capitol Hill testimonies from Ivy League University Presidents:

Harvard, Penn and MIT Presidents - Claudine Gay (Smug Witch), Liz Maghoul (Liz Magill), Sally Huff and Puff (Sally Kornbluth) were in Washington testifying that they are running schools that are funded by enemies of America and proxies for Iran and Qatar.

It was a day of soulless, smug, anti-semitic testimony.  

Sam Lessin (Harvard Graduate 20 plus years ago) did a quick Google search on Claudine Gay to grab her statement on the death of George Floyd. You can click on the Twitter link below to expand:

Here is a video of Claudine’s testimony when it comes to all Jews:

I imagine Claudine believes she is protecting Harvard from lawsuits, or following instructions from the lawyers, but she is fraud. She is a dark lost soul. She is gross. She should have resigned but people that have no shame do not.

Here is what is going on in Israel while Claudine and her gang are not doing their jobs...

Alan Feld shared this tragic hero story that gave me the chills:

Dear Friends I want to tell you about a family that is very close to my heart, the Slotkis. Their father, Rabbi Shmuel Slotki, is a very close friend who officiated at the weddings of our three married children. His wife Tali is an intensive care nurse at Sharei Tzedek Hospital in Jerusalem.

When Yishai Slotki, Rabbi Slotki's son, heard on the morning of 7.10 that terrorists were raiding the cities and kibbutzim near the Gaza Strip, killing unarmed civilians, and that the army was late in arriving at the scene, he immediately realized that he had to take action. Together with his brother Noam, they took their personal weapons, and headed towards the Gaza border to repel the murderers. While the residents of Kibbutz Alumim were engaged in fighting terrorists who tried to break through the front gate, the brothers struggled to avoid being hit from the exposed rear of the Kibbutz. For hours they fought alone against the murderers of Hamas. Both brothers were killed in the fighting.

Noam left behind his wife Adi and one-year-old Neta Yehuda. Yishai left his wife Avia and two-month-old Be’eri Shahar. This is a family that has been hit by numerous tragedies. Tali's younger brother was killed a couple of decades ago during the war with Lebanon and is buried not far from the boys on Mount Herzl in Jerusalem.

To help Adi and Avia, the young widows, we have helped the family establish a fund in memory of Noam and Yishai in order to help raise and educate their children. My foundation is also donating of course

The Lindzon’s will be contributing to the fund that Alan set up on behalf of the Noam and Yishai.

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