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Hawk Tuah...Investors Were 'Hawk Tuing' Nike and The Cathie Wood Hawk Tuah ETF's.

Good morning…

The internet wins again with Hawk Tuah.

When I was a kid, I had Hawk Tuah long distance spitting contests with my friends.

I did not think it was something girls/ladies did.

It is really funny how the internet ran with this.

I am not sure I could handle a ‘Hawk Tuah’ moment of fame.

Bob Lefsetz has a great piece asking are you a meme or a musician.

Start doing it your way.

Blow our minds musically. If we can’t hear it and be taken away, impressed, then it’s never going to work. No publicity effort can trump the music today, because there’s so much of it. If you’re not great, we’ve got a history of great at our fingertips.

And there is great out there, and in truth it is growing. But it is obscured by all the stories about hit music which means about as much as it did in the heyday of FM, even less.

The game has changed. Sure, read Don Passman’s book to learn the ropes, but that’s not as important as lessons and rehearsal. And great art is always about ideas. And great ideas without execution are worthless.

It’s damn difficult. There is no barrier to entry, you don’t need a license to make music. But if you NEED to make music, there’s a lot of opportunity today. But walk into the wilderness instead of the mainstream, which tends to rise and fall like a wave on a beach. You want to last.

The stock market has ‘Hawk Tuah’s’ every day…and yesterday it was Nike.

Investors were ‘Hawk Tuing’ it out of their portfolios all day Friday.

Cathie Wood has the ‘Hawk Tuah’ family of ETF’s right now.

Have a great Saturday.


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