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Hello From France - Specifically The Pyrenees and The Top Of Hautacam

Good morning…

It is late afternoon Tuesday here in Lourdes, France.

I am enjoying a week mostly off the grid with friends doing some insane road bike climbs in the Pyrenees.

After today, we have done almost 15,000 feet of climbing in 4 days and we have two 6,000 feet days ahead. We are eight this year which is a big group and everyone is in great shape with a great attitude.

Today’s climb was intense. We climbed the Hautacam which is a famous pass often seen in The Tour De France (see here). We got lucky with the weather being cool and dry, but it was brutally hard with some 16 percent pitches.

I only passed a few people on the 13km climb and one was an 84 year old man which just blew my mind. I can’t imagine being able to or wanting to climb this mountain 26 years from now.

Here are some pictures from the day…and thanks to Fillipo (last picture) who is our incredible tour planner (Biko Adventures) and guided us safely through some incredible climbs and descents over the years …

The top of Hautacam 3800 feet of climbing

Hautacam peak in the cloudy distance from our lunch spot

Safely down with Fillipo and friends…

Thanks for the good wishes everyone. It is fun to be cheered on by so many via the blog/stocktwits/community.

Have a great day.

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