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Investing At The Edge ...And What's Old Is New And What Goes Around Comes Around

Good morning from Miami the one place I am ok with having less hair.

It is 10 am here and I have already had three meetings with friends I have made on Stocktwits and my email newsletter over the years.

I do love Miami beach as a visitor…the beach the breeze, the energy and the food.


I wanted to share the USV ‘Investing at The Edge’ thesis because I just finished reading it.

I was emailing with Fred Wilson yesterday, who founded USV, to catch up and say hello, nothing related to investing, and the exchange ended with Fred saying ‘What’s old is new’ and ‘What goes around comes around’ which has been something I have been saying recently to many of my friends in texts and conversations no matter what subject we start discussing.

It is always good practice to at least once in a while step back and try to articulate your thesis and or mission and goals.

Fred summarizes The USV thesis here:

I am with Fred that attacking the status quo is maybe too difficult.

While USV is thinking about societal changes, I tend to think my investing edge is more cynical and biased to the idea that society does NOT change 🙂 . I think culture changes and so do tastes ..hence my ‘degenerate economy’ and ‘luxury economy’ thesis at Social Leverage.

Anyways, it is always inspiring to hear how the best in the business are thinking and USV is in that category.

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