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Investors In America Have No Excuses and The Buffett Letters

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Good morning..

The DSTNC gift cards up top on my newsletter today. A perfect gift for any cycling friend or family member.

Speaking of gifts, two of my good friends and fantastic writers have moved to Beehiiv with their newsletters…

Josh Brown (The Reformed Broker) and Ted Merz (27 years at Bloomberg and he has been on my podcast) are always on point and I never miss their posts and it is easy to subscribe. Josh writes about investing and life and markets and Ted about life, work and financial media.

Yesterday Ted shared a new site called Berkshire Memorex which is a searchable site on all things Berkshire and Warren.

The Berkshire site got me thinking about how amazing the internet has been for investing.

Yesterday, Koyfin shared a post about an Apple stock pitch in the year 2000 when the company had a valuation of $600 million (they also had $550 million in cash LOL).

The internet has always been used for sharing financial ideas.

Today, between Stocktwits.com , Twitter, Koyfin.com, Finchat.io, Robinhood, FREC.com and Beehiiv.com newsletters every American that can invest has all the tools necessary to do institutional level public market research and investing (I am a biased investor in all but Twitter). These are all the products I use daily.

Have a great day.

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