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  • Jan van Eck, CEO of VanEck Funds, on Global Markets, Deglobalization, and Rising Interest Rates

Jan van Eck, CEO of VanEck Funds, on Global Markets, Deglobalization, and Rising Interest Rates

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I’ve been trying hard to get my friend Jan van Eck on the podcast for a few years. He finally agreed. Jan van Eck is the CEO of VanEck, a New York-headquartered mutual fund and ETF company with approximately $80 billion in assets under management. He knows a thing or two about the financial business and the markets.

Jan and I love talking about the markets, startups, fintech and investing together. Jan has been a student of the market for decades and uses history as a guide as we think about the years ahead with interest rising and deglobalization. People need to be thinking about the market in just a little different way than what worked in the past. You’ll learn a lot from our conversation. I know I did.

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For more details on today’s conversation read on below…

Guest: Jan van Eck

Profile: CEO of VanEck Securities Corporation

Where to find him:  Twitter, LinkedIn

What's Jan Panicked About? Our debt levels.


Show Notes:

  • Introduction (00:39)

  • Welcome Jan (04:02)

  • Growing a mature business (04:52)

  • History is a teacher (07:73)

  • Becoming a ‘Macro Structuralist’ (12:58)

  • Lessons from the 1970s (14:49)

  • The right way to view inflation (15:17)

  • Bonds outperform stocks (16:54)

  • Will the Fed pivot? (19:12)

  • The ETF business (24:49)

  • Crypto-related ETNs (27:21)

  • China growth & demographics (28:40)

  • Getting smarter on Brazil (29:04)

  • Web3 (30:18)

  • Thoughts on Wealthtech (34:08)

  • What if 60/40 is wrong? (35:10)

  • Jan argues Howard’s book (39:23)

  • People care about performance (39:42)

  • Why Jan invested with Howard (40:46)

  • Diseconomies of scale (41:45)

  • The future of ETFs (43:33)

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