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The Joy Of Seeing Your Friends Do Well....

The Joy Of Writing This Newsletter

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Good morning…

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The Emmy Awards were on TV the other night. I don’t watch TV so I had no clue until I got this picture from my friend Matthew Milam (on the left) who works at Amazon Studios. He is standing next to Ravi Nandan holding the Emmy for ‘Beef’ a show he helped make at A24 (Ravi is a founding partner).

Matthew had a show of his up for the award in the same category ‘Daisy Jones And The Six) which was also fantastic.

Both are good friends - not so good as to invite me to The Emmy’s - and I was the one that introduced them to each other.

I got the photo and was so excited.

We all get that feeling for friends that have great moments.

The cool thing about both Matthew and Ravi is I met them here on my blog. Both are readers here and both emailed me one day to say hello.

One more shoutout to another friend Lev Ekster who also reads the blog. He has been a long time executive at Bowlero and was just promoted to President. The multi billion company is the dominant brand in bowling.

A good day for friends.

Have a great day everyone.

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