Lojack – Speaking of Trends

After have enjoyed a double from Lojack, I am wondering if this is a flash in the pan or the beginning of something so great that GE or Feedex will end up the owner. Asset protection seems to be a homerun of the future who’s time is now.

Gotta find the winners here and maybe you have to look no further than a basket that includes Feedex, UPS and Lojack.

Other ideas in this area would be greatly appreciated.

All great Companies need a catalyst. For Apple, it was the IPOD and the flawless Retail concept that proved to be the catalyst.

Oakley has the product in MP3 and Bluetooth eyewear , but can’t deliver the distribution in a sexy way.

Lojack is in the right industry with the right product and with it’s partnerships with law enforcement, garners a monoploy poition in auto tracking and now motor cycle recovery. Time will tell if they can capitalize on their monopoly. Definately a story that is worth watching. Growth potential massive. Tiny market cap that garners its huge recent success on only a 5 percent close rate at the dealer level. Lot’s of room for growth here readers (or reader)


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