Being Lucky And Nice

Good morning…

I am back in Phoenix and the temperatures are rising and getting back to normal here.

I really liked this Morgan Housel piece titled ‘The Luckier You Are The Nicer You Should Be’. The gist:

The more successful you are, the nicer you should be.

The better things are going, the nicer you should be.

That’s probably the best – or only – way to guard against entitlement, which is the main thing that blindsides you when luck turns the other way.

It’s like an automatic stabilizer that keeps you in check and keeps your social circles solid – both of which probably lead to sustainable, durable, non-lucky success over time.

The ONLY place I am mean the last 10 years is on Twitter. My meanness is directed Goldman’s Sack, DonaldQ Trumpf, and now Elon Musk. I try to read Twitter less and less each day because if it the only place that makes me mean, it has to be the product.

Obviously, some days, especially when I travel, I use it too much.

Yesterday, as I travelled, Twitter was all about Elon Musk who is living the anti Morgan Housel life.

I will be very happy if Rachel and Max never invent anything or start a company if this is the tradeoff.

It is not hard to be nice, especially if you are at the top of the world.

I will practice being nicer myself and continue to read Twitter and all news less and less.

Have a great day.

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