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Making Millions In Memorabilia with Darren Rovell

Trends with Friends EP. 60

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Today we’re joined by the one and only Darren Rovell. When it comes to sports, memorabilia, and market trends there’s no one quite like him. In today’s episode, we cover:

• Why Darren turned down $1.75 million for a Warren Buffet signature

• Which market Darren says will be the next big thing

• How he got Hugh Hefner’s Viagra bottle

• If you should get your collectible cards graded

• The story around OJ Simpson’s Bronco

• What we’re seeing in the markets and more

Skip Ahead:

00:00 Welcome Darren Rovell

04:19 Howard runs into Darren at the airport with $2M in his backpack and his current venture

09:15 The degenerate economy in memorabilia and everything is about money

11:00 Should you get your cards graded

12:45 The f*ck face bat story

17:15 The inefficient markets of memorabilia and the Ferris Bueller vest story

21:38 Turning down $1.75 million for a Warren Buffet signature

24:10 What’s The Rock’s trading card worth and what determines a PSA 10?

27:00 Great, random items like Hugh Hefner’s Viagra bottle

31:05 Liquid and illiquid markets

35:50 Jackie Robinson check story

38:11 OJ Simpson’s Bronco story and the power of anniversaries 

42:40 Markets are showing weakness 

47:45 Trends with NO friends

50:38 Tesla and EV market update

55:20 Darren Rovell’s market to be following now

57:20 JC says to sell premium

1:00:31 Why email should be on your radar

1:03:30 Get your Vitamin D

Big Thank You To Our Guest:

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