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  • He Manages $2.5 Billion. Here’s His Take On The Market | Lewis Johnson, Capital Wealth Advisor

He Manages $2.5 Billion. Here’s His Take On The Market | Lewis Johnson, Capital Wealth Advisor

Trends with Friends EP. 61

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Today we’re joined by Lewis Johnson of Capital Wealth Advisors. Lewis is a great friend and someone who manages approximately $2.5 billion in assets. In today’s wide-ranging episode, we discuss:

• Spotify’s great earnings and why we love the stock

• Why China is driving up the price of gold

• If you should be buying silver 

• Where we might be in the current market cycle

• If you should be reallocating some of your portfolio to commodities

• And so much more

Skip Ahead:

00:00 Welcome Lewis Johnson

05:10 JC’s take on the current market conditions

07:39 Spotify’s great quarter and analysis

19:47 Tech vs Commodities Long Term

24:22 Technology hitting 3 month lows

25:06 Dollar breaking down compared to gold

26:40 China’s demand is driving the price of gold

30:55 Where are we in the current market cycle

34:02 Is Silver a buy

40:40 What Lewis is recommending to his clients 

43:30 JC’s thoughts on Silver

45:40 Why you should consider a financial advisor

47:30 When should you reallocate your portfolio 

52:42 Goldman Sachs ($GS) update

56:30 Update on the 3 Gs

58:10 Trends With NO Friends ($BMI)

1:01:00 How Lewis manages growth in small and mid-cap stocks

1:03:45 What’s next for the US dollar

1:07:20 The biggest worry with high-interest rates

Big Thank You To Our Guest:

• Lewis Johnson - https://twitter.com/TrendsTailRisks 

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• Production and Marketing - https://penname.co/ 

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CWA Asset Management Group, LLC (“CWA”) is an SEC-registered investment adviser, doing business as Capital Wealth Advisors (FL, LA & NC) and as blueharbor wealth advisors (NC). Registration does not imply any level of skill or training. CWA’s ADV 2A and Form CRS can be accessed via https://[email protected]/firm/summary/158940. Lewis Johnson is an employee of CWA.  The Assets Under Management (“AUM” for CWA as of 12.31.2023 is $2,531,719,656.  Lewis Johnson and CWA do not promote or solicit any securities positions mentioned during this blog.  Lewis Johnson and CWA also do not promote or solicit any advertising for third-parties on any social media platform that this blog is presented on.

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