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Netflix and Suffer...Tour De France Unchained is Fantastic

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Good morning…

I am taking Ellen to the final day of The Tour De France this year which ends in Nice. It almost always ends in Paris but because of the Olympics they moved the last few days to the mountains in the South of France.

I wanted Ellen to appreciate what she will be seeing so I asked her to watch the new Netflix Tour De France Unchained season and she agrees it is the best sports documentary series. These spectacular athletes and their stories, the race drama, the danger, and the degree of difficulty make for an exciting watch.

This is better than “Drive to Survive,” which I stopped watching after Red Bull stole the championship from Lewis Hamilton, after Verstappen started winning all the races, and I stopped watching the races too. Sure, there is human drama, but the problem is the machines. If you’re in a lousy car, there’s no way you can win. Whereas with the Tour de France…it’s not about the bicycle, it’s about you.

And the team, of course, especially if you’re going for the GC, which is the overall title. There is strategy, but sometimes riders throw the strategy out the window and just ride for themselves, which the owners/coaches hate, unless said rider wins.

I wrote about this series last year, this year is even better.

Ellen and I also really enjoyed the 30 on 30 of Lance Armstrong on Netflix. I was not cycling during the Tour De France part of the Lance career so I hardly followed the story. The documentary will make you wince as the lies and the controversy build. I did not know so much of the story.

Since we are on the cycling documentary subject, I recommend watching ‘Pantani: The Accidental Death of a Cyclist’ which does a good job of explaining how the doping culture began (Pantani was the man beating Lance in the mountains) that Lance and team took to the next levels. It is on YouTube or Amazon.

Have a great day.


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