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A New Reality Show Called 'F*#k Hamas' ...and Release The Hostages from Gaza

Good morning…

Yesterday, I decided to go back to my account on desktop Twitter because it is not enough to just speak out here in my newsletter. I want to make sure that heroes and good humans know that I am listening and shouting them out. I want the most vile of the anti-semites and, especially those in my industry and sphere of influence know that I know and to make sure others know.

Here is what a hero looks like:

One more hero today:

I also have a simple idea that might halt the hateful and dangerous ‘Free Palestine’ rallies that are already turning violent. First of all signs must read 'Free Palestine From Hamas’ to even show up.

In order to pick up your sign and peacefully protest you must watch this video first:

As for an idea might just quickly stop the hateful anti-american, anti-semitic pro Hamas, Hamas sympathizers, the President should bring about a new ‘Martial Law’ a form of digital enforcement law focused on hate and terrorism at the digital level (intent).

The law/bill/reality show would also be a reality television show and likely the highest rated show in America which I suggest could be titled:

'We Caught You being A Bitchy Terrorist On Social Media and Campus' 

The premise…

The FBI and The President show up at your basement apartment with a framed picture of your hate in exchange for your passport and a ONE way (Spirit or Frontier) flight to Iran or Gaza.

The first winners just happen to be University of California ‘Ethics’ professors:

Don’t stay quiet.

We want the hostages in Gaza released.


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