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New Social Leverage Investment 11th Estate...Recover Investing Losses From Settlements Effortlessly

Good afternoon….

There is NO such thing as FREE money, but 11th Estate is pretty, pretty, pretty good.

Social Leverage has led a $2 million seed round investment in 11thEstate, a platform dedicated to helping investors recover entitlements from securities class action settlements and shareholder compensations.

11th Estate’s AI-powered platform scans investor portfolios, identifies available recoveries, handles all paperwork, and delivers payouts directly to clients’ accounts. This approach ensures that investors can effortlessly claim their rightful settlements and shareholder compensations.

Founded by Stan Vick, 11th Estate is revolutionizing the process of claiming entitlements with its AI-driven engine, making it simpler for millions of investors to access the billions of dollars left unclaimed each year. In 2023 alone, public companies settled $8.1 billion, yet a staggering 97% of individual investors and 66% of institutional investors did not claim their due recoveries.

Stan Vick’s personal experience with investment loss and his discovery of countless others in similar situations inspired him to create 11th Estate. His vision is to make investment recovery as automatic and seamless as receiving dividends. Since its inception, 11th Estate has helped investors claim over $100 million in major cases involving companies like Apple, Google, and Wells Fargo.

My partner Matt Ober will be taking a board seat on behalf of Social Leverage, leveraging his previous experience and expertise from roles at Third Point and WorldQuant. Matt wrote about the investment process here.

By offering a developer-friendly API, 11th Estate is expanding its reach beyond direct-to-consumer offerings, forming partnerships with fund managers, advisors, broker-dealers, custodians, and financial institutions.

Joining us in this round of investment are Outside Ventures, Blank Ventures, and notable angel investors such as Evan Rapoport, founder of SmartX, and Chris Camillo, founder and co-host of DumbMoney.tv. Their support underscores the broad belief in 11th Estate’s potential to revolutionize investment recovery.

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