New York Dinner With Friends

Good morning…

I am off to Capital Camp today in Missouri on my way home to Phoenix.

Chris Temple and I will be showing our documentary ‘This is Not Financial Advice’ to the attendees. I am excited to see everyone’s reaction.

The other night in SOHO, I had dinner at Carbone’s with my friends Jim, Farhad and Ryan:

I booked the table the same day using my friend Bob’s app Dorsia which I have mentioned before.

We had a great and long conversation about media and startups.

I have not been to the restaurant since Feb 26, 2020 the moment before the world shut down with COVID. That night we did not get the key corner table, Goldie Hawn and Leonardo DiCaprio did (look closely)…

It really does not matter where you go when you are with good friends having great conversations, but Carbone’s is not awful!

Have a great day.

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