Maybe I am a sucker for brands as an addicted shopper or maybe Nike is just as good as it gets when it comes to branding.

Either way, I feel that any dips in the stock are buying opportunities until they lose that edge. I am not so eager to say it has tremendous upside, but was surprised to read Bill Cara talk about it losing it’s luster and talk about the technical condition of the stock as weak. I love reading Bill’s opinion and rarely disagree.

Yes it did hit an all-time high of 91 and change a few days ago only to touch 83 this morning after the news of, well, who cares really. They are selling a lot of shit. What is really going on:

Best commercials – always—-check

Best logo – checkomundo

Best athletes – checkerooo

Best distribution – feelin’ good Billy Ray

Golf – Just getting started

Tiger Woods is maybe the best deal of all time. I remember the way Knight was filmed following Tiger around at his last amateur win, what now seems like decades ago. Turned out to be a bargain. What a wily guy he was.

Until Tiger does something stupid, you are OK with Nike.

The whole country is white and over 80 and ther are enough courses built and being built to have one for every person in the United States. Do the math. Stay out of Jail Tiger, please.

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