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This Is Not Financial Advice - Our Award Winning Film, Is Now Available Globally on Apple TV, Prime Video and Fuse

The award-winning film, THIS IS NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE, is now available globally on Apple TV, Prime Video, & Fuse. It’s easy to get rich online. It’s even easier to lose it all.

Watch the trailer on YouTube and see the full film today.

(I was an Executive Producer)

This is a fun morning to be sharing my newsletter.

The film I executive produced and helped finance is now available globally on Apple, TV, Prime Video, & Fuse.

The film is incredibly thought-provoking and will get investors talking about investing, behavioral finance, fear and greed...this is a modern 'meme economy'  version of 'Reminiscences of a Stock Operator. I believe it is timeless.

Here is the trailer:

Here are some early reviews:

“This film will melt your brain.” - The Fat Jewish

“Everyone needs to see this film to better understand their relationship to money." - Morgan Housel, Author of the Psychology of Money

This is Not Financial Advice is hilarious, insightful, and brilliantly executed. It captures the craziness of the internet and blends it with empathetic storytelling, fascinating characters, and financial concepts in a thought-provoking masterpiece. The best documentary at Tribeca.” - Taylor Lorenz, The Washington Post

"A must-watch film that ricochets between the euphoric heights and crushing depths of the investor's psyche during one of the wildest rides in financial history." - Josh Brown, CNBC

“This is a gripping financial horror film” - Andrew Lawrence, The Guardian

I’ve been waiting eagerly for my friends and the world to be able to see it after seeing it premier at Tribeca Film Festival last summer.

To give a brief summary:

The movie is about Glauber Contessoto who gambles his life savings on a $DOGE. Two months later, he became “The Dogecoin Millionaire” and an internet legend. While it might seem easy to get rich online, it’s even easier to lose it all. THIS IS NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE exposes the startling risks and rewards of investing through expert commentary and the anxiety-inducing stories of real people trying to make millions. The film is an insightful, cautionary tale that explores how technology and FOMO have changed our culture’s relationship to money.

Chris Temple (Founder of Optimist) and his team did a great job capturing the emotions and FOMO that anyone who loves markets knows all too well.

After the films premier at Tribeca, I had Chris on Panic with Friends to recap. You can give that episode a listen here.

Please tell your friends, share this email and download the film today.

Have your kids watch the film as well.

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