Do Not Let The Old Man In....

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Good morning everyone.

Last week I wrote this:

I say this all the time, but I wish I was 48. I really mean it this time. I am 58 and have too many bad habits.

A bunch of people sent me ‘you are not old’ replies.

My fave was from a childhood friend Lowell who said:

If I may, 

“Don’t let the old man in”

For me it’s like skiing when I going faster everything around me slows down. 

That is when I know I’m in my zone. 

In 2023 Seegs started Seegs 2.0. It actually started in 2022 with the maximum f1 party!

In 2022 I shifted to the metals and mining business.

In 2022 you started how many new things! 

Tends with Friends just to name one. 

You are an amazing voice with great spirit. 

Love your work. 

Hate that you call yourself old.

We don’t get older we get better! 

Happy new year! 

In many ways, Lowell is right.

I hate that I have to call myself old…but I am old. I may not be too old to wear a leather jacket but I think more than twice before putting it on.

I try not to look into mirrors but a few times a day I really have to. There may be an ear hair or a nose hair that will wreck someone else’s day that gets too close.

I find it more bearable to let the old man in rather than spend too much time keeping him out.

I think that might be the best trick of getting older gracefully.

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