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Good afternoon.

I rarely post in the afternoon but I wanted to wait for $NVDA earnings.

The markets never fail to surprise me, but I rarely get fascinated by them or any one asset or stock. Nvidia has been different. There are 469,000 people on Stocktwits following the stock on watchlists and getting alerts etc. For reference $TSLA has 950,000 so it is not a cult and still relatively unfollowed!

The Stocktwits earnings moment today was bonkers. I’ve watched the streams for 16 years so I’ve seen it all. Actually, I always say I have seen it all. I obviously have not.

Mike - our head of product - shared this today because as I shared last week we added ‘predict’ to our message box and engagement has been dizzying. I don’t care for predictions but obviously I am in the major minority.

A few hours before earnings we ran a prediction message and thread and there were quickly 1,300 price prediction messages.

The ‘degenerates’ want to play, to troll, to dig in, to laugh. They want to speculate. They want to predict, to be right. They will all eventually learn so the faster they do the better.

It is fun to be back making a day to day difference at Stocktwits and helping shape the strategy. We are tripling down on earnings and crypto and search and discovery because people love talking about stocks and markets all day long.

As for $NVDA…the bulls are happy for the moment. I am more interested in how the stock closes out tomorrow.

Have a good night.


Two $NVDA tweets that made me laugh on that other site today…


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