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October 7th as Clarity ...and Supporting A Miracle

Good morning everyone…

I am one the luckiest people alive. I have an incredible family, incredible health (so far), incredible friends, incredible business partners and LP’s, incredible opportunities and an incredible lifestyle. I always knew that and am appreciative and grateful for it and do nice things once in a while but probably never enough and never in any coordinated way.

October 7th has both crushed me mentally, but also shaken and awakened me. The Lindzon’s have a lot to do.

I am a Canadian by birth, a Jewish American by heart and mind, a resident of Phoenix and Coronado, but at 58 years old my soul is with the people and the imperfect democracy of Israel (nine million people - 20 percent Arab by the way).

I will never truly understand the overall media bias and individual hatred aimed towards Israel and Jewish people nor the escalation since October 7th, but I am done complaining about it and wasting my time trying to grasp it and analyze it and shout about it. I spent a lot of time the last two weeks listening, arguing, sharing and reasoning.

You know where I stand. My readers here, on Stocktwits, on Twitter and listeners on YouTube know where I stand.

The media, the misinformed, and the people with hate in their heart not at all directly involved in Israel and this new war with Hamas and its sympathizers are mad that Israel CAN fight back, can protect itself, can invest in itself, and will continue to do so. It matters more than too many realize.

Life is difficult, life is unfair, justice is slow and uneven but things are pretty clear to me.

My day job as an investor is easy compared to the work I plan to do as I roll up my sleeves for a different type of fight. I see the future much clearer post October 7th as it relates to my day job investing and riding trends.

In the spirit of some of the work The Lindzon’s have been doing since October 7th, we have a chance to chip in a small amount and tip a family’s life for the good. My friend David Freedman shared this story with me the other day of a family that survived the Hamas massacre. He set up a $25,000 campaign to get them back on their feet:

My friend Sharon and her family hid in their home while being shot at by Hamas terrorists. After thinking they shot and killed Sharon and her family they set their house on fire. It’s a miracle they survived but all of their possessions and home were burnt down. 

David got it going with friends and of course The Lindzon’s chipped in and I shared with a text group to get us to near $23,000 this morning. The goal is $25,000.

I would love to see our community get the family over the top.

I will share the results tomorrow. Have a good day.

PS - This interview with Douglas Murray titled ‘They Shouldn’t Be Here’ on the excellent Triggernometry channel/podcast is most excellent.

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