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  • Panic with Friends - Jeff Richards of GGV Capital on Finding Growth in the Current Market Malaise

Panic with Friends - Jeff Richards of GGV Capital on Finding Growth in the Current Market Malaise

Best of Panic – Investing for Profit and Joy

When Knut and I started Panic with Friends at the beginning of the pandemic, it was just that – panicking with a few friends on what was happening in the market. I don’t think either of us imagined we would be doing the podcast more than three years later. My good friend Jeff Richards of GGV Capital made several appearances on the show in the early days, but we last had him on in January of 2022 (links to all the older episodes are at the end of the post) . In that episode, Jeff helped me frame the selloff and gave me a big picture view on the fundamentals versus where valuations were at the time. After a year or so where most growth investors in tech are licking our wounds, I thought it was time to get Jeff back on the show to discuss repositioning ourselves for what the future might look like. It’s definitely worth the listen if you missed it the first time around.

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For more details on today’s conversation read on below…

Guest: Jeff Richards

Profile: Managing Partner at GGV Capital

Where to Find Him: LinkedIn | Twitter

What is Jeff Panicked About? My golf game as I come back from knee surgery. 

Show Notes:

  • Introduction (0:41)

  • Welcome back Jeff (3:42)

  • Investing in growth (4:10)

  • The next bull market (5:41)

  • Impact of higher rates (6:23)

  • Funding landscape (7:01)

  • Potential of generative AI (7:54)

  • App distribution constraints (8:47)

  • Embracing AI (10:46)

  • Contrast now and tech in 99/00 (13:40)

  • AI and physical brands (14:36)

  • Advice for the younger generation (15:52)

  • Growth in golf and pickleball (18:21)

  • Reimagining sports with infused tech (19:53)

  • GGV’s focus (20:10)

  • Founder/Startup headwinds (20:59)

  • Measuring VC success (22:09)

  • Looking ahead (24:33)

  • Looking at fintech & proptech (25:21)

  • Impact of higher interest rates (26:30)

  • Travel is booming (27:07)

  • Opportunity in Treasury Management (29:26)

  • Record growth in SMBs (31:05)

  • Seeing a renaissance of innovation (32:31)

  • Innovation in healthcare (50:31)

  • Wrapping up (52:10)

  • Closing thoughts (53:10)


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