While you are printing money….

I think it would be cool to make every American a Millionaire. In Yen, I would be there already.

I can see the headline now….


January 1, 2006

In a move that began with pressure from Uber Blogger Howard Lindzon, Greenspan created another currency called the Sitheroo that when converted from American Dollars and redeemed at WalMart, made each American a Millionaire.

According to Greenspan:”We are all millionaires so I can now retire in peace. My work is done. The shame of it all is I could have done this so much earlier and saved all the printing costs!” Patrick Byrne of Overstock.com will be replacing Greenspan as Fed Chairman. Byrne immediately granted every American (meeting certain criteria) 5 million Sitheroos to spend at Overstock.com which should “put an end once and for all to all the Jewish shortsellers in my stock.”

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