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Punch Up Live...Stand-Up Comedians Get Their Own Shopify

And Stand-Up Comedy Is Just The Start...

Good morning…

Our portfolio company PunchUp Live is so cool and close to my heart.

I love stand-up comedy and now with PunchUp Live, comedians have a set of Shopify quality tools to communicate with (email), grow their fan base and audience, provide ecommerce (show tickets, calendars and merchandise) and own their customer data.

Yesterday I got an email from comedian Mark Normand about a show he is doing in NYC at The Beacon Theater. Mark easily cranked this out to his fans via email from his Punch-Up where they can also click to easily buy tickets and share with friends:

Mark is a very funny and successful comedian and like most entertainers spent 15 years on the social web (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Now Tik Tok) thinking they were doing the right thing to grow their businesses.

In the end, the algos changes, the free speech changed and the ‘likes’ and ‘follows’ are not the same as the direct relationship an entertainer, especially comedians should be building with their fans.

Comedians are on the road most of the year and with PunchUp Live now know by ZipCode where their fans are located and PunchUp users can search by zipcode to find comedians performing in their neighborhood on any give night.

Louis CK was the first big comedian to break free of the middle men to build his own direct relationship with his fans using cobbled together technology and products that PunchUp Live now makes dead simple and inexpensive for any stand-up comedian.

PunchUp is only a few months out of the gate but hundreds of great comedians are live and in the queue getting ready to ‘Shopify’ with their fans and community.

Check out the site and find some comedians you like (you can see their comedy clips on the site) and go see them live in your neighborhood.

Have a great day.

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