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  • Reddit's IPO, DJT Surge, Micron's AI Game Plan, Untapped Opportunities, and More

Reddit's IPO, DJT Surge, Micron's AI Game Plan, Untapped Opportunities, and More

Trends with Friends EP. 57

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In This Episode, The Friends Cover:

  • Analysis of Apple's price and time

  • Reddit's IPO

  • DJT stock

  • Semiconductor stocks, such as Micron and Nvidia, and their cyclical nature

  • Energy and commodity sectors

  • Netflix and content companies

  • Micron as an AI play

  • Advice for picking stocks

  • Home builders and nursing homes

Skip Ahead:

00:00 Welcome and About Our Guest Ram
03:59 DJT and Reddit’s IPO
11:20 The Dot-Com Era 
13:43 Priceline
15:30 Analysis of Apple's Price and Time 
20:00 Bear Markets Hiding Under The Surface
26:55 Netflix and Content Companies
31:50 Apple’s Transition From Growth To Value 
33:40 Micron ($MU) as an AI Play
37:42 Semiconductor Stocks and Their Cyclical Nature
40:45 Energy and Commodities
46:50 Cocoa Futures and Soybean Futures
48:25 Value Stocks
52:07 Trends With NO Friends (previously Price and Popularity)
59:47 Advice For Picking Stocks
01:02:15  Home Builders and Nursing Homes
01:05:47 Thanks For Listening

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