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  • The Rise of Meme Coins, Market Shifts, and the Future of Social Media

The Rise of Meme Coins, Market Shifts, and the Future of Social Media

Trends with Friends EP. 55

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This week, Phil takes the reigns as moderator and JC and I agree to disagree on our investing strategies. We cover:

  • The rise of meme coins and their impact on the market

  • The role of quantitative easing (QE) in shifting risk to the crypto market

  • Different approaches to trading meme coins, with one focusing on curation and the other on price behavior

  • The relationship between gold and Bitcoin, as well as the changing dynamics in the tech sector

  • The performance of consumer staples and energy sectors

  • The changing landscape of social media

  • The importance of taking control of personal data

  • The emergence of vertical networks

  • The potential of Oracle and Axon in the AI space

  • The popularity of crypto ETFs with zero expense ratios

  • The excitement around the Rabbit R1 and AI

Skip Ahead:

(00:00) Welcome
(01:26) The Rise of Meme Coins
(04:21) The Impact of QE on Risk
(06:53) Meme Coins Overtake Meme Stocks
(09:13) Different Approaches to Investing
(17:26) The Purity of Meme Coins
(21:59) Gold vs. Bitcoin
(27:03) Apple vs. Gold
(28:17) Consumer Staples and Energy
(29:57) Meme Coins and Social Media
(31:25) Is Centralized Social Dead?
(33:25) Taking Control of Your Data
(35:37) The Purpose of Social and The Creator Economy
(43:08) Oracle (ORCL) and Axon (AXON)
(48:28) Crypto ETFs Going Crazy
(52:53) The Rabbit R1"
(55:25) Embracing Spring

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