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You Should Have Said - 'Bring Home The Hostages' ....Free Speech Bankruptcies Accelerate

Good morning…

I am in NYC for a couple days working. I had dinner last night with some founders and friends with my daughter Rachel as well. I had my first few laughs since October 7th and dished out some laughs with old stories to young ears.

I have 100 plus friends headed to Washington, DC some with their kids for the ‘March For Israel’. I am proud of them and the hundreds of thousands likely to show and march. There will be a lot of singing and very little chanting (some prayers). There will be a lot of crying too.

I am still heartbroken and angry.

I went back and read my post from October 8th and I cannot believe how gut wrenching the last 40 days have been.

The discourse was despicable from the moment the Hamas terrorist massacre came to America’s attention. Lauren Boebert was immediately dunking on a government she adds zero value and The Guardian headline ‘hundreds die’ versus 1,400 murdered. The dialogue has gooten meaner and more miserable.

I did not fathom or predict the open vitriol, hate, ‘what aboutism’ and anti-semitism that was to come.

I knew the Middle East ‘experts’ would come out in droves on Twitter but did not predict I would be coming back to Twitter (having left and still having the app deleted from my phone) for the one purpose of calling out Ant-Semitism and making sure it was known I was watching and also standing with Israel.

Since, I have been spammed by silly bots, digitally threatened and doxxed which is the cost of digital ‘free speech’ in 2023.

Two disgusting Twitter moments stand out from the thousands I have scrolled past or seen because they were shared.

The first is the coldhearted, anti-semite congresswoman Rashida Tlaib actually tweeting ‘from the river to the sea…’ declaring it an ‘aspirational call’ …to be backed up by the miserable AOC and Ilhan. I imagine up next for them is calling Nike’s ‘Just Do It’ a secret Jewish genocidal call to kill Palestinians.

AOC, Ilhan and Rashida have so much to say because you know ‘Palestinian Americans’ …

I would actually appreciate the perspective of an 'American Palestinian' serving in the West Bank or Gaza Congress...oh wait...I do not think there is an American/Arab/Palestinian/ in government anywhere in the Middle East. I do know there are Arabs in the Israeli government!

I was born in Canada and never thought to tell people I am Canadian American. My partner Gary was born in Russia but has never told anyone he is Russian American.

Sunlight is a great disinfectant but I am sickened everyday by how much sunlight and disinfectant is needed.

A second moment has to do with the very miserable and mean Ryna Workman who must really hate herself to project so much hate onto others (jews to be specific). She is upset that her ‘free speech’ has been expensive. Expensive to the point that the former ‘law’ student needs to run a ‘GoFundMe’ campaign to pay for all her free speech expenses. Have a read if you want to get a sense of how smug, shameless and far off a large part of a generation is from having moral clarity.

As David points out, Ryna is 100 PERCENT in her new life predicament for WHAT SHE SAID.

I can say with 100 percent surety that if Ryna and Rashida had said ‘Bring Home The Hostages’ or just free speeched their mouths shut, life would be much smoother going forward.

I am ok with the idea that free speech is their cheap, ugly cloak that might bankrupt them.

I am here for the bankruptcies!

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