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  • Saturday Shopping, Eating, Degeneracy and Comedy In New York - Thanks Punchup.Live, DSTNC.com and Dorsia

Saturday Shopping, Eating, Degeneracy and Comedy In New York - Thanks Punchup.Live, DSTNC.com and Dorsia

Happy Saturday

Before I gets started…I went down a sleep rabbit hole the other night and I am inundated with products now on my iPhone.

Are these Respire ‘Mouth Strips’ a thing that works?


I am on my way back to Coronado after spending the week in Manhattan.

The city is busy. Very busy.

I was in New York visiting the Stocktwits team, seeing portfolio founders and meeting with investors/LP’s.

I had some great meals as well.

I used Dorsia to book one meal at the hard to get into Jeju Noodle Bar in West Village (Korean Food). It was excellent. If you travel to the big vities around the world and are not using Dorsia, you are missing out on an easy way to explore the best and hard to get into restaurants.

Rachel and I hit 12 chairs as ususal (SOHO) before heading to Comedy Cellar with PunchUp.live founder Daniel…

We saw a great show with two of the Punchup comedians Sam Morill and Ian Fidance showing up and crushing. Sam is probably the hottest/funniest club standup in the world right now. Seinfeld called that out as well on a recent podcast. Ian is hilarious and unique. It was fun to chat with Ian after the show and hear his feedback on how PunchUp was helping him.

I stopped in to see Moshe who is my fave mens fashion designer in the world (in 2022 he began designing a woman’s line). Ari Soho has been on West Broadway in Soho since 2001.

One purchase I made this week was this new cycling kit on DSTNC.com 

I love the way they added ‘Wear With It’ on all the product pages

Next up…

I am going to start including my favorite ‘degenerate’ product/ idea each Saturday as well to go along with with my shopping and eating.

This weeks ‘degenerate economy’ winner is the Pump.Fun product

The 6th Man ventures team (Mike and Serge) lead an investment in this ‘memecoin’ generator and we are LP’s of the fund in our emerging manager fund at Social Leverage.

Everyone can create their own ‘memecoin’ on Solana using Pump.fun . It is so interesting to see this explode in popularity. The applications for this for community building, membership benefits and culture are endless. Of course as with everything in the ‘degenerate economy’ buyer beware and this is as wild west as you can get in 2024.

Have a great Saturday.


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