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Saturday Shopping With Howie...Tuscany and The GIRO Italia Made Me Spend!

Still figuring out what to get to your favorite cyclist? With a DSTNC® GIFT CARD, let them choose. Grab one today, no one will know it was last minute. Shop now on DSTNC.COM

Good morning…

Big game 7 tonight for the Leafs. My niece Bailee is in Coronado with her boyfriend tonight (from Toronto) so we will be glued to the screen and cheering/hoping for a win.

I am going to start sharing things I buy every Saturday in the newsletter and see how people like it.

I will start with DSTNC because I love to cycle (a lot of the gear on the site I also use for my Peloton) and am fascinated with new brands curated by the fashionista founders Nave and Sharona. Nave was also a professional cyclist before starting the company with his wife Sharona.

We are investors in DSTNC.com and that is where I get all my bike clothing and off-bike fitness clothes. Each brand has been carefully picked because of the high quality in both fashion AND performance. I try everything, but my fave brands these days are Biehler, Giordana and Q36.5. These are not inexpensive brands and gear, but they are the BEST. You will know it once you try it.

I am grateful that so many people send me Starbucks gift cards , but if you feel the need to send me a gift, use the DSTNC.com gift card (see above) as I don’t go to Starbucks. If you like my newsletter just spread the word on some of our great companies and share the products and gift cards.

The DSTNC.com email is fantastic. Pink is the color of the month because of the Italian GIRO that is coming up now.

Sharona and Nave (the founders) put together a great collection of items in that spirit here.

I just got back from my Italy trip with the guys and we all had some great new gear from the list.

Sharona always picks one outfit for me that just matches properly and this year it was a Biehler one that popped with unique colors. Biehler is a fantastic, high performance, German fashion brand for cycling.

Here I am finishing a tough ride in the Tuscan hills with the full outfit (sans shirt).

The Giordana base layers are the best I have ever worn.

Finally, the Giordana off bike ‘tech pants’ are insanely versatile and I am living in them (Netflix, post workout, driving).

Use my Howietown discount code for 10 percent off - HL10YD66 

Have a great Saturday. I am off for a ride.

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