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The Secular E-commerce Trend Is Alive And Well...Now Buy Something...

Shop our curated gift guides to find the perfect gift for your ride or theirs. Explore our selection of premium brands across cycling and performance wear, and enjoy savings of up to 70%, along with free shipping and returns on every order.

Shop now on DSTNC.COM.

Good morning…

I have Rachel and Max home with Ellen and I for the next few days. It will be fun.

I am doing some shopping today on DSTNC.com a portfolio company of ours.

The Black Friday sale is incredible (the ad is at top of today’s newsletter).

Here is what the new navigation looks like (there is the same one for women’s products)…

DSTNC carries the most premium fashion/luxury cycling brands from around the world (my faves are Q36.5, Biehler, GVL, Giordana and DMT). Over the next six months Nave and Shaona (husband and wife team) will triple the amount of brands available.

If you do not like cycling, you have friends that do and the DSTNC digital gift card that is easy to purchase for others. Hint hint …

The DSTNC marketplace is built mostly on Shopify. I have been long $SHOP forever it seems and now that we are investors in DSTNC I get to see how the backend works and it is an incredible dashboard.

The secular e-commerce trend is alive and well. The boom bust COVID/ZIRP era is behind us. Most of the tourists setting up Shopify stores arbitraging goods they sourced on Alibaba are washed away as customer acquisition costs rise. Shopify is wiser and companies like DSTNC have built sustainable e-commerce models for this next era.

Have a great day.

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